This year we intend to focus on healthy lifestyle and healthy diet at Kingsmoor. We will examine our policies on foods available at break and also at lunchtime. To ensure pupils have access to specialist PE teaching we have invested in Sports Coaches to deliver quality PE teaching. At Kingsmoor Academy we have always invested in ensuring extra-curricular activities open links to clubs in the local area. We are particularly proud of our successes in Judo, active playground activities and the range of clubs provided before school, at lunchtime and after school.

This year we intend to continue and strengthen our focus on healthy lifestyle and healthy living at Kingsmoor Academy. Sport provision is one aspect of this. Over time we have developed an extensive enrichment programme that increases pupil understanding of the importance of a healthy living, exercise and life style. We have 17 extra curricular activities/clubs across the school 99% of our pupils attend at least one club a week.

Here is our current Sports Premium Statement for this academic year:

Kingsmoor Academy PE And Sport Premium 2021 22 – Evaluated July

Kingsmoor Academy PE and Sport Premium – 2021 – 22