Our Curriculum Intent

At Kingsmoor Academy our aim is to deliver an exciting and enriching curriculum for every pupil. The pupils are able to experience a broad and balanced curriculum through the Kingsmoor Learning Pathway. Each term the pupils focus on a theme that has been designed to grab their interests and immerse them in their learning. These themes have the National Curriculum skills mapped and tracked in order to show coverage, progression and a depth of knowledge. The school supports the retention of knowledge through displays, our museum, assemblies, quizzes, theme evaluations and recapping prior knowledge at the start of each topic.

Teachers create a curriculum theme web for each topic which is then shared with the pupils and parents. Each term, in order to extend the pupils’ understanding of the themes further, pupils take part in either an educational visit or have visitors such as performers who deliver theatrical shows, Science experts, History enrichment days etc.

We believe that we are able to discover pupils’ individual talents and interests whilst ensuring that their knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects increase during their journey through the academy.

  • Our phonics programme uses a combination of letters and sounds, RWI and the Jolly Phonics material.
  • English: A-Z reading programme to teach reading skills. For spelling we use the Oxford Owl Spelling programme.
  • Maths: Maths Mastery in Reception through to Year 3. All pupils have a login for Times tables Rockstars.
  • KLP: Our assessment progress tracker tracks the NC skills set for ARE –KLP was developed to ensure assessment coverage. Art and D&T are taught weekly. Music is taught through Singing Assemblies, focus weeks and bespoke enrichment activities e.g. Young Voices. As well as the discrete teaching of music skills and the history of music e.g. World War Two theme.
  • ICT and Science Rising Stars programme and assessment.
  • We currently have a focus on outdoor learning linked to core subjects. Each class will use our outdoor environment for at least one lesson per half term. In addition to this, every class will partake in Forest School sessions for a half term or a whole term.

Curriculum Implementation

 We consider the following principles when deciding how to implement the curriculum intent:

  • When and how to teach new core and wider content.
  • When and how to teach core skills including oracy, literacy and numeracy.
  • When and how to revisit and build on prior learning so that each component of learning can build to become composite learning.
  • What knowledge pupils should be able to use with fluency (speed and accuracy) and by what stage of their education from their starting points.
  • How to sequence learning so that the proximal and ultimate functions of knowledge build over time.
  • How to ensure pupils will make expected or better than expected progress as a consequence of the curriculum purpose, design and implementation.

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Kingsmoor Academy Timetables 2022-2023

Autumn 2022

1 Ghana Timetable Autumn

1 Italy Timetable Autumn

2 Egypt Timetable Autumn

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3 Cuba Timetable Autumn

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