The 6R’s Promise

The children at Kingsmoor are now following the 6 R’s which are all part of and embedded within all areas of the curriculum.  These are Ready, Responsible, Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient and Reflective.  The children are exposed to these values throughout their time at Kingsmoor and enjoy an assembly each day of the week, two of which are focused on the 6 R’s.  Within the Values assembly on Wednesdays the children are taught about one particular value and are given examples of how and when they can ensure that they follow this ‘R’.  The teachers keep track of children who they feel follow the ‘R’ of the week and during the assembly on Thursday, the chosen children are awarded with a certificate specific to the value.  Please ensure that you keep up to date with the ‘R’ of the week and discuss with your child at home so that we can work together to ensure that our children grow into confident and responsible learners.