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Curriculum Intent

At Kingsmoor Academy our aim is to deliver an exciting and enriching curriculum for every pupil. The pupils are able to experience a broad and balanced curriculum through the Kingsmoor Learning Pathway. Each term the pupils focus on a theme that has been designed to grab their interests and immerse them in their learning. These themes have the National Curriculum skills mapped and tracked in order to show coverage, progression and a depth of knowledge. The school supports the retention of knowledge through displays, our museum, assemblies, quizzes, theme evaluations and recapping prior knowledge at the start of each topic.

Teachers create a curriculum theme web for each topic which is then shared with the pupils and parents. Each term, in order to extend the pupils’s understanding of the themes further, pupils take part in either an educational visit or have visitors such as performers who deliver theatrical shows, Science experts, History enrichment days etc.

We believe that we are able to discover pupils’s individual talents and interests whilst ensuring that their knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects increase during their journey through the academy.


Science is an important part of the curriculum as it helps children to understand the world around them. At Kingsmoor, we encourage children to investigate ideas for themselves through practical activities which encourage them to ask questions, make predictions and explain their findings.


At Kingsmoor, in order to enable all children to learn about and celebrate each other’s religions, we follow the exploRE document which is the agreed Essex syllabus for Religious education. We focus on the main religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.

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