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Year 4 History off the Page (Ancient Rome)

Year 3 Science off the Page (Rock Circus)

Year 5 History off the Page (Victorians)

Harry Potter World – Years 5 and 6

Year 6 History off the Page (Ancient Greece)

Whole School Carnival 2018

Charlotte’s Web production

Kingsmoor celebrates the Royal Wedding

On Friday 18th May, we transformed our school into a sea of princes, princesses and superheroes as part of our celebrations for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We also had a fantastic ‘British’ themed whole school lunch, including sandwiches and sausage rolls. Everyone had a fantastic day!


Year 4 (China) – Romans (History off the Page) 

As part of their learning about the Romans, Year 4 were fortunate to participate in an activity filled day where they developed their learning about the Romans. They completed a number of activities and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Reception (France and Spain) – Parndon Wood


Year 5 (Japan) – Victorians (History off the Page)

As part of their KLP topic ‘Trememdous Tudors’, Year 5 experienced a school date with a difference. The children spent the morning experiencing what it would have been like in a Victorian classroom, the children enjoyed writing on slate boards and getting messy using ink pens. In the afternoon, they continued learning various facts about the Victorians, looking at a range of Victorian artefacts and they also had the opportunity to make different Victorian toys. All of the children (and adults) in Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Year 3 (India) – Rock Circus

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, Year 3 were a part of an activity filled day relating to their Science topic ‘Rocks. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities that were available to them and they learnt a wide range of scientific vocabulary throughout the day.

Year 3 were given the opportunity to observe, describe and identify the properties of different rocks. They observed the effects of weathering on different types of rocks, made fossils, went on an adventure around the school groups identifying different rocks and even got the chance to test what rocks were permeable and impermeable.

Quote from Year 3 child:

“I had the best day! I didn’t know learning about rocks would be so fun!”

Year 6 (Australia) – Ancient Greece (History off the Page)

As part of their KLP topic ‘Glorious Greece’, Year 6 experienced an activity filled day learning various facts about Ancient Greece, what life was like and they also had the opportunity to make different Greek items. All of the children (and adults) in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Carnival 2017

As a school, we enjoyed our carnival day. We dressed in clothes from our class countries or in clothes representing the colours in our countries flag. We participated in lots of fun activities, including an African drumming workshop.