At Kingsmoor Academy we have a yearly monitoring and assessment cycle where we carry out a range of assessment procedures. These include teacher assessments tracking  the New Curriculum  skills, knowledge and understanding as well as QC standardised tests.

We have half termly Pupil Progress and moderation meetings to ensure pupil’s ‘Age Related Expectations’ (ARE) assessment levels are accurate, staff are then required to analyse assessments data for gaps which they then implement in planning. Teachers will also use marking and feedback to further identify gaps.

The data is stored on our tracking system ‘DCPro,’ which is then broken down into groups such as; FSM, Pupil Premium, Ethnicity, Boys, Girls, EAL and SEN and analysed to see how all groups are performing, track progress and identify  gaps to narrow.

In pupil progress meetings we discuss individual and groups of pupils to implement effective intervention programmes.

Life without Levels Assessment at Kingsmoor

At Kingsmoor Academy children have three levels of challenge in most lessons. These are outlined in the document below: