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Germany Visit

Kingsmoor on Tour


On Friday 23rd June 2017, eight lucky representatives from Kingsmoor attended Germany (Gladbeck) to participate in the Mayor’s cup. On Friday we were driven to Stansted Airport by Ben in the mini bus. We got there but Miss Atkins had to take Amy and Kelly to get their boarding passes (they took ages! -30 minutes). After that we went through security; Tiffany bleeped through because of metallic gems on her shorts.

After that, we went to Burger King to have our lunch; it was really expensive – £8 a meal! We had a picture taken on the toblerone sofa. Then we went to WHsmith to get sweets and cool drinks for the plane. We boarded at gate 48. We also took a picture with Lola our new mascot.

We arrived at Dortmund airport feeling very energetic (especially Amy) and ready to have fun. The first thing that we did was get a mini to the 5 STAR LUXURY Sports Hall that we were staying in. It was MASSIVE! We helped the caretaker make the beds (camp beds to be precise) and put blankets and pillows on them.

After that, we went met the Enfield kids – as well as Mrs Millard’s husband Jamie. We went to look around while Jamie was being very mischievous. He hid David’s bed in a storage room! David said that all he wanted was a bed. Jamie claimed that it wasn’t him but in the end we figured out that Jamie did do it but… Clyde helped him! That night the entertainment was amazing. There was a disco going on in the same hall where we ate our dinner. Dinner was fabulous – chicken, veg and noodles really go together.

At 10pm we did our goodnight diary and went to bed at 11:15pm. The next morning we all woke up at roughly 7am and got dressed and ready for the day. At 8am it was time for breakfast and surprisingly Nutella was involved! It was so yummy! Then at 10’o’clock, we set off for what was supposed to be a ten minute walk, but it was 45 minutes, to get to volleyball. It was so fun! With David working his magic, he got us to go and see Schalke Stadium. We got back to the shop and bought lots of souvenirs.















Stavros bought a really fluffy blanket! And erm.. Amy went a bit over the top with her money… Anyway it was an eventful day on Saturday, but the best thing was the dinner! It was pizza and it tasted so good – you would not believe me but honestly it was! That night we went to bed at 10:30pm and went fast asleep.

On Sunday it was the big event. We had out breakfast at 7am and it was as good as Saturday’s breakfast. We packed up all of our things in the time space of an hour and set off at 8am. It took us about an hour to get to the place we were playing. There were lots of things to do and lots of music playing.












We did some skills and drills before actually playing in the tournament and did some passing to each other. The expectations were high but we played with great team spirit. We had out lunch and it was amazing – Sausage in a bun, coke and chips.

Then we set off for Dortmund airport to go back home. The journey was fun and we saw lots of graffiti on the way. Some of it was messy but some of it was really nice and neat. We got there and once again Amy and Kelly went to get their boarding passes. Mr Lock then found a piano and we sang a song – We’ll be coming back to Stansted here we come, we’ll be coming back to Stansted here we come, we’ll be coming back to Stansted, coming back to Stansted, we’ll be coming back to Stansted here we come. Isn’t it a great song? Anyway we passed through security and then went to the shops. We got sweets once again!

We boarded at gate 12 and the flight was about 50 minutes. We got to Stansted, went through passport control and saw our parents. That sums up our Germany visit! I know this was a long recount but we loved every minute. Thanks to Miss Atkins, Mr Lock, David and Clyde for organising this for us.

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